The Statesmen

I was a member of the group The Statesmen, along with Shawn Conte (FDOT) and Justin Crosby (Hallifax). We were active from around 2007-2012.

Fox on Soundcloud

I’ve been pretty bad about putting up new music and mixes. Currently there’s only an old, old drum and bass mix up there. I’ll get some more of my personal projects (both DnB and techno) up soon.

Techno on Cathouseattic

My friends Aurelio Ramos (CZARGB) and Zyler Vega (DONTNORMALLY) run a weekly video broadcast from “an undisclosed location” that’s hosted a ton of great talent from around the area. Definitely check out their site and the opening sets. I start at 2:01:07.


David Fox

Software Developer, Musician, DJ, Artist

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